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William 196 7th Nov, 2019

                         ADD NEW KEYWORDS:

Whether you have keywords that are profitable enough or not, it's always beneficial to add new catchy keywords! One super helpful tool that you can use is the Google Keyword Planner.
Utilize the "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category", pick a country and the language, and you're all set! It will most likely give irrelevant words yet you have to delve through them and pick the words that you believe can be an addition to your campaign. I suggest for you to search for keywords which has same meaning to the existing and established keywords that you have, as there's a high chance that they will work as well.

(The language that you choose will not affect the search volume, however it will generate relevant keyword ideas)

Suppose you're promoting gardening service in Sydney and you're utilizing various keywords like "gardening", "service", "Sydney", "garden service in Sydney", "gardening in Sydney" and more. But you were not able to include the word "landscaping" or "lawn", which is also related to the word "garden", and if "gardening service" keywords were profitable, then there's a chance that "landscaping service" can be as well!

In addition to this, you can also go for adding various match types in your pile of profitable keywords. But, this technique might not be advisable to apply for short, progressively broad catchphrases with high search volume. So, be mindful of that part too!


Are you running out of ideas on what to do when you're targeting specific local audience and no matter what you did, you couldn't grow geographically? What I advice for you to do is test on new ads.

For instance, increased CTR from 1% to 2% may not appear to be a major achievement at first but rather if you were able to increase your CTR without increasing your CPC, then that means you have doubled your profit!

Higher CTR be a great deal, so make sure that the ads are convincing as they can be. However, it must NOT be misleading. You are paying for each click, so you better make sure that your visitors get what they expected as they enter your site. You can possibly get higher CTR but with misleading ads, it is highly possibly that they will result to bad conversion rates.

Everything comes down split testing by creating various ads. Take a look at the CTR and conversion rates to see which among all the ads are the most effective and brings more profit.

When setting up an AdWords campaign, you have to pick a language or better yet a few languages. Suppose your ads, keywords and landing page are all in English. For most, they would think that they should just stick to English and set it up on the language settings.
Honestly, not really!
The primary idea here is, at the end of the day, you're still targetting by keywords. In the event that somebody who's first language is French and searching for services or products in English then he pretty much comprehends the language and will definitely search in English.

In this way, by including more languages you will probably show your ads to more audience.
I am not saying that this is the best approach though, so you can freely test it out, and see how it goes for you.

Let's say that your campaign's target Geo is Canada, and you're making good profit in it.
Some are probably wondering if it's possible to profit the same way by expanding to other countries.
Why not?
If you believe that there will not be issues to offer your services or products in other countries, (considering the shipping), then why don't you try it right?
It may not be the same outcome of course, but there can be a big possibility of generating profit.

In doing this, you then have to consider the economic status of your target country, or state, or city.
It would be more ideal to target the ones that are in the same level as your original location. Locations that are much developed economic wise, and at the same time, location where majority of the people speak English.

With all the important settings in AdWords campaigns, there is one that you should check out if you want to receive tons impressions and clicks as you want. This is the "delivery method" setting.
This setting lets you pick either you want to spend your budget whenever your ads show when one searches for your keywords until it reaches the daily budget limit or spend equally all through out the day.

You will see that Google recommends the standard delivery option, which is also the default setting. This may sound ideal for newbs but for your campaigns that are generating profit, you definitely prefer to show your ads whenever they're likely to be shown. In this way, changing to accelerated delivery may possibly bring you more impressions, clicks and, thus, conversion.


One of the most important things you need to keep an eye on is your impression share. It indicates the number of impressions your ads have gotten in the specific allotted time. You will be able to see what is the reason for your low impression share coz there are designated metrics which displays the amount you have lost and the cause of it. The last is possibly estimated at the crusade level and on the off chance that it's high, at that point your day by day spending plan has frequently ran out before the day's end.

You don't want to throw your money through the window by limiting the budget of your profitable campaign.
So, you better analyze how much impression share your top camp have lost in the past weeks because of not enough budget. By any chance that the Search Lost IS (budget) has been beyond than a couple of percent then you can scale up your profits just increasing the daily budget of your profitable camps. If your budget wasn't that big enough in the beginning, this approach is the easiest method to scale.
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