Guest 163 29th Nov, 2019

                         [("Project name","The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System")
 ,("GCC extra via C opts","-fwrapv -fno-builtin")
 ,("C compiler command","cc")
 ,("C compiler flags","")
 ,("C++ compiler flags","")
 ,("C compiler link flags","")
 ,("C compiler supports -no-pie","NO")
 ,("Haskell CPP command","cc")
 ,("Haskell CPP flags","-E -undef -traditional -Wno-invalid-pp-token -Wno-unicode -Wno-trigraphs")
 ,("ld command","ld")
 ,("ld flags","")
 ,("ld supports compact unwind","YES")
 ,("ld supports build-id","NO")
 ,("ld supports filelist","YES")
 ,("ld is GNU ld","NO")
 ,("ar command","ar")
 ,("ar flags","qcls")
 ,("ar supports at file","NO")
 ,("ranlib command","ranlib")
 ,("touch command","touch")
 ,("dllwrap command","/bin/false")
 ,("windres command","/bin/false")
 ,("libtool command","libtool")
 ,("unlit command","/Users/nineonine/Projects/ghc3/inplace/lib/bin/unlit")
 ,("cross compiling","NO")
 ,("target platform string","x86_64-apple-darwin")
 ,("target os","OSDarwin")
 ,("target arch","ArchX86_64")
 ,("target word size","8")
 ,("target has GNU nonexec stack","NO")
 ,("target has .ident directive","YES")
 ,("target has subsections via symbols","YES")
 ,("target has RTS linker","YES")
 ,("LLVM target","x86_64-apple-darwin")
 ,("LLVM llc command","llc")
 ,("LLVM opt command","opt")
 ,("LLVM clang command","clang")
 ,("integer library","integer-gmp")
 ,("Use interpreter","YES")
 ,("Use native code generator","YES")
 ,("Support SMP","YES")
 ,("RTS ways","l debug thr thr_debug thr_l thr_p dyn debug_dyn thr_dyn thr_debug_dyn l_dyn thr_l_dyn thr_debug_p debug_p")
 ,("Tables next to code","YES")
 ,("Leading underscore","YES")
 ,("Use LibFFI","NO")
 ,("Use Threads","YES")
 ,("Use Debugging","NO")
 ,("RTS expects libdw","NO")
 ,("Project version","")
 ,("Project Git commit id","e122ba33e8426a7b7f18216c451f6288e90c966e")
 ,("Booter version","8.6.3")
 ,("Build platform","x86_64-apple-darwin")
 ,("Host platform","x86_64-apple-darwin")
 ,("Target platform","x86_64-apple-darwin")
 ,("Have interpreter","YES")
 ,("Object splitting supported","NO")
 ,("Have native code generator","YES")
 ,("Support dynamic-too","YES")
 ,("Support parallel --make","YES")
 ,("Support reexported-modules","YES")
 ,("Support thinning and renaming package flags","YES")
 ,("Support Backpack","YES")
 ,("Requires unified installed package IDs","YES")
 ,("Uses package keys","YES")
 ,("Uses unit IDs","YES")
 ,("Dynamic by default","NO")
 ,("GHC Dynamic","YES")
 ,("GHC Profiled","NO")
 ,("Debug on","NO")
 ,("Global Package DB","/Users/nineonine/Projects/ghc3/inplace/lib/package.conf.d")
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